iTeach @ Leeward (from Greg Walker) – Excellent tutorials on online teaching topics.
Knowledge, Learning and Community by Stephen Downes, 27 Feb. 2012 (from Greg Walker) –

Week 1 Resources (from Greg Walker)

Week 2 Resources (from Greg Walker)

Video of the Week Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!
To Facilitate or to Teach – CC By Leigh Blackall with discussion in the comments.
Effective Online Facilitation – Australian Flexible Learning Framework guide.
Three types of online facilitation
Ten Tips for Effective Online Facilitation
Online facilitation: Facilitating, moderating, or teaching?
Overview of Mobile Learning
Twitters for Educators (This an educators intro to Twitter)
Mobile training vs mobile learning
Seven Myth’s of Mobile Learning
Project Mobilise wiki
Skip’s Diigo bookmarks (mobilelearning)
Using Mobile Technology to Enhance Students’ Educational Experiences (EDUCAUSE)
Mobile Learning Resources from EDUCAUSE
Discussion: Read Mobile training vs mobile learning. Share how you use your mobile device now, is there any learning you do at this point? Informal (phoning a neighbor on how to raise tomato plants?) or formal (phoning to a colleague to get a technical answer)?


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