Shawn on Wristwatches, Beepers, and ‘Why on Earth?’

Shawn’s comment (3.9.12) on the iFacilitate video of the week featuring Ken Robinson is a reminder of how quickly our world is changing. I’ve never been able to get my son to wear a wristwatch (he’s often late) or even carry a wallet. I remember a few years ago, when our campus, Kapiolani CC, was moving toward a virtual schedule of classes and catalog, I asked him whether he relied on the hardcopy schedules and catalog. He had no idea they existed. He had naturally turned to the web for that info.

By contrast, I recall the resistance from some of my colleagues who felt the hardcopies were essential. Thus, in the end, it seems the paper documents were published more for the staff than the students. I’m not sure if hardcopy is still being used at KCC or anywhere else for that matter.

Perhaps the most startling sign of the times for me is the disappearance of money — those green bills and round coins. It seems the only time I need it is to feed parking meters. It’s only when I reach into my pockets for quarters that I realize I don’t have any — coins, that is. I then need to run around looking for a place where I can buy a cup of coffee to get some change.

Even the idea of parking my car is becoming a rare experience because all my classes are online and I live in urban Honolulu. I seldom have to drive anywhere — let alone park in a metered stall.

Speaking of coins — one of the reasons I carried them in the past was in case I had to make a phone call when I was out. There was a time, not too long ago, when the only way to do that was a payphone, and they were everywhere, often housed in plastic booths. Remember those?

In fact, we’re already at a point where we’re pointing to desktop computers and asking, “Remember those?” And it seems laptops are going that route, too.

Someday we’re going to point to classrooms and lecture halls and ask, “”Remember those?”

And someday we may even point to teachers and ask, “Remember them?”

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One Response to Shawn on Wristwatches, Beepers, and ‘Why on Earth?’

  1. Hasan says:

    Yap, World is changing. Mobile phone has already been replaced for Wristwatches, Notepad already replaced the Papers in Office and Coins has been replaced by Credit Cards. Just awesome!!!

    May be, sometime we would have to remake the pasts again. 🙂

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