Response to ‘Rethinking Education’

Response to be posted.

Updated 3.2.12 at 7:30am: OK, finally got to watch Michael Wesch’s video, uploaded to YouTube on 1.24.11. (In the text below, I’ve added transcripts of some of the audio, but I did them quickly so they may not be accurate.) I think the main point is captured toward the end, in this statement:

The critical thing that is happening is the public … is now living and breathing within a much larger sphere of information and knowledge and it’s that critical openness to knowledge … that our work had better address or we are ill-serving our students.

The problem is that the world has changed in terms of accessing and creating information, yet we, as college faculty, continue as we have in the past: “The university culture is focused on what we do in the classroom, … what I get published in a journal. And in that way we’re missing the boat.”

Thus, “We may need to seriously rethink the university and its future.”

Knowing that we need to change, though, is not the same as knowing how to change, and this is where we are now: “We have escaped a previous box,” but “we don’t know where we are.”

One way to get our bearings in this world where information is not only open to everyone on the planet but growing at an exponential rate because everyone can also create and share (publish) information is to not only get our feet wet but to jump into it, too. And I believe this is what we’re doing in this workshop.

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