Replies for Fate and Brent on 3.1.12

[updated 3.1.12 at 2:28pm]

I had no problems posting comments on Rachael’s “Motivation to Learn” (3.1.12) and Pete’s “How often do students check their email?” (3.1.12), but I had difficulty with Fate’s “Ah, one mo’ time, please” (2.29.12) and Brent’s “An Abbreviated Laulima Orientation Video” (3.1.12).

I have a bunch of different Google and WordPress accounts (with different usernames, passwords, and avatars) so the fault is probably mine. I find it easiest to comment in blogs that allow anyone to post or provide an “anonymous” option. I realize that many of you are wary of spam or unwanted comments so don’t feel that you need to change your settings to accommodate me. What I’ll do is post my comments here, instead. If this is a problem, please let me know.

Brent — I didn’t realize your Laulima orientation was available on YouTube. I’ve added a link to it in all my course blogs! It covers all the basics in a clear, straightforward way. BTW, what did you use to record the video? I really like the opening! <g>

Photo added 3.5.12. Click image to see the video.

Fate — Your Lego exercise to demonstrate team building is excellent! Very imaginative. I can see why the students would get into it. I’ll add an update to this post on how a similar exercise may be set up for online use. I’ll have to think about it. A fascinating problem!

Update 3/5 8:00opm: Fate, one possibility is to ask members to each submit an action photo from the web. For example, here are a couple:

The more different, the better. They could then upload and share them. Next, they could discuss how to create a montage via Photoshop (or another photo editing program) that includes all the photos in an aesthetic design. They could then add a storyline and share the results with the class.

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3 Responses to Replies for Fate and Brent on 3.1.12

  1. Brent says:

    Hi Jim,
    Sorry that you had trouble responding to my Google Blogger Blog. Rachael also had a problem commenting to my blog (and she sits right across the room from me). I think Fate is also using Blogger? Maybe it is a default with the Blogger site? Anyway, I think it should work now.

    To also answer your question on the Laulima orientation. I hope it is useful to you. =) Yes I try to post up things and be open, hehe. I did the video using an old Flip camera (I say old because I the company out of business). The location was Magic Island, I had some time before a dental appointment, I was in the area and I had some great morning lighting. =)

  2. JimS says:

    Hey Brent. No need for apologies. My fault. When I’m asked to log in to post a comment, I can’t recall which username/password I need to use — I have so many. LOL!

    I really like the idea that you’re using a simple camera. My daughter has had a Flip camera for years and used it a lot at one point. It’s the size of a cellphone, but I was amazed at the quality of the video/audio and the fact that it could be uploaded to YouTube so easily. It puts video in the hands of both teachers and students at very low cost. But your videos are actually quite sophisticated in terms of shooting, editing, and other refinements. I have a feeling this is the kind of multimedia projects our students will be doing and submitting in the not too distant future.

  3. Fate says:

    Great suggestion on the team building. Yes, I was using Blogger.

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