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Response to Week 4 Discussion Questions on Critical Thinking in Asynchronous Discussions

In his article, “Critical Thinking in Asynchronous Discussions” (International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, June 2005), Greg mentions the work that researchers at PSU have been doing with “guest facilitators.” By coincidence, in 1995, Morton Cotlar and I … Continue reading

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Comments on Week 4 Live Meeting: Authentic Online Learning

I’m relieved that I made it to the meeting on time. I was late to the first that I attended and managed to stumble my way through, finally getting my mike to work halfway through the session. (Sorry for all … Continue reading

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Week 4: Comment on Herrington et al.

The ten-point definition provided by Jan Herrington, Ron Oliver, and Thomas C. Reeves in “Patterns of Engagement in Authentic Online Learning Environments” (Australian Journal of Educational Technology, 2 003 [19.1], 59-71) is a useful place to begin a discussion on … Continue reading

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Comment on Scott and Greg’s Discussion: Where Is Technology Taking Mentoring?

Scott and Greg are having an interesting discussion in “Scaling Up Mentoring” (in Scott’s blog, Online Learning, 3.14.12). Scott asks, “Can we build a digital mentor?… This is technology that can intelligently design content based on world wide information so … Continue reading

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Comments on Week 3 Resources: Facilitating Discussions

In “How to Build and Lead Successful Online Communities: How Is a Community Different from a Network?“, Nic Laycock (eLearn Magazine, Feb. 2012) says shared goals or “mutuality” is the glue in communities: “It is the mutuality of communities that … Continue reading

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‘To Facilitate or to Teach’ – A Paradox

Leigh Blackall’s article (Learn Online, 10.12.07) on the facilitate vs. teach issue captures all the complexity and confusion in developing a new model for teaching that’s in sync with the social web, and if our own iFacilitate discussions are an … Continue reading

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Shawn on Wristwatches, Beepers, and ‘Why on Earth?’

Shawn’s comment (3.9.12) on the iFacilitate video of the week featuring Ken Robinson is a reminder of how quickly our world is changing. I’ve never been able to get my son to wear a wristwatch (he’s often late) or even … Continue reading

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